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How to Choose the Right Mascara for You?

Introduction for Mascara

Mascara is one of the cosmetics products used for eyelash decoration. Solid form and emulsive form are commonly seen. The main colors is black and brown.

Introduction for Mascara

Types of Mascara

Mascara can improve eyelash density, make it look lengthened and sparkle your eyes. There are three types of mascara: water-soluble mascara, waterproof mascara and lengthening mascara.

  1. Water-soluble Mascara: it can be dissolved in the water so it is much easier and quicker to get it done when you remove your makeup. However, it gets smudged easily while the tears or sweat make it wet.
  2. Waterproof Mascara: it is insoluble in the water, keeping your makeup from separating but it is inconvenient to put off the makeup.
  3. Lengthening mascara: Fiber are included to lengthen the eyelash, which is suitable for people with few and short eyelash.
Types of Mascara

Method to Choose Mascara

The premium mascara should be; even with smooth texture, moderate viscosity, easy to put on; darken and brighten the eyelash, curling but not hardening; it won’t stick to the lower eyelid when dry, swear, tears and rains proof; sticky but still easy to remove; not harmful and no irritation to eyes.

Method to Choose Mascara

Function of Mascara

Function of Mascara

The main purpose of mascara is to improve the whole outcome of eye makeup, voluminous effect with visibly thicker lashes, stereoscopic feeling for the eyes.

Steps to Use Mascara

Steps to use mascara is simple but needs techniques. You need to fully understand the mascara you will use because not all the mascaras are in the same function, some mascara might be not practical enough, others, certainly, might take longer time to dry and which might affect the outcome of the eyeshadow you have already applied.

What’s more, it is not suggested to use mascaras that you are not familiar with so as to avoid being unsatisfied with the outcome after you use it.

Nevertheless, you should know that repeatedly opening and pulling out the mascara will make it expose to the air and get dry. Therefore, when using the mascara, you should nail it at one time.

Steps to Use Mascara

Tricks for Mascara You Need to Know

1.Importance of Brushes

Mascaras with traditional big brush can’t reach to every single eyelash. Exactly like the supervisor Jamesboehmer from Nars Global Art says, brush decides everything, you need more than one brush for mascara.

Different brush for different place can make the mascara evenly put on to each eyelash so as to get a natural perfect outcome. First, you need to use mascara with silicon brush to put it on all the eyelash as primer, and then use specially designed small brush or circular brush to apply it on eyelash from inner eye corner.

Certainly, slim brush to deal with lower lash is handier. Finally, a big brush with intense bristles need to be used to apply the mascara and make the eyelashes lengthening and volumizing.

Importance of Brushes

2.Perfect Match-Loose Powder

If you want to have the intense fan shape eyelashes, you can try the suggestion from Eddie Malter, a famous professional makeup artist, to apply some loose powder on the lashes before you use the mascara.

Using eyeshadow brush to apply the loose powder on the eyelash from inside out, you need to make sure the loosing powder covering all the eyelashes. Eyelashes will be with voluminous effect when you apply the mascara after the loose powder.

Reapply loose powder and mascara with same steps 2-3 times, you can get eyelashes in dramatic volume with great length. Don’t forget to apply some loose powder on the eyelid, which can prevent it from smudging.

Perfect Match-Loose Powder

3.Magical Eyeshadow

It is not simple and fast enough to apply mascara again and again if you want the lightweight natural perfect eye makeup like models’ from Ralph Lauren Christine Dior.

And we need help from eyeshadow to create the natural voluminizing eyelashes: use eyeliner to apply the matte black eyeshadow on the eyelash root, and the gap between the eyelashes should be filled, the water line need natural light brown eyeshadow and you only need to apply it on  1/3 lower lash to the corner.

At the same time, you need to make natural smudging to the center of eyes, darkening the color different layer from top to the bottom can create the illusion of intense eyelashes. At the end, all you need to do is to curl the eyelash and put on the mascara as you usually do.

Magical Eyeshadow

4.Different Angle

The most common way to apply mascara is from the root to the tip. But the professional makeup artist from backstage slightly adjust the angle to create new and fashionable eyelash style.

you can apply some mascara on the eyelash tip after curling, and then apply the mascara from root to the tip with z shape, which makes the eyelash curling more.

At last, you need to take out a name card and put it between eyelid and eyelash, using the top of the brush to apply mascara on the eyelash from the eye corner, which makes the eyelash there curling more. The name card can help lengthen the eyelash and keep the eyelid getting dirty at the same time.

Different Angle

5.Layering by Colors

Highlights can enhance the layering of the hair. By the same token, combination of mascara in different color for highlights can create layering eyelashes.

If you don’t want the dramatic look, you can use deep black mascara on upper lashes while light brown or gray brown for lower lashes, which can make your eyes look more dynamic.

You can apply mascara in deeper color on all eyelashes for foundation and use the tip of the brush to put on some colorful mascara like blue or purple, or those golden or silver mascara with glitter if you intend to be impressive and eye-catching at the banquet or party.

Layering by Colors

The last but not the least, you need to come out of your comfort zone, be bold, and try everything. More observation from life can give your more inspiration.

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