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How to Choose the Right Foundation for Yourself

When it comes to foundation, it should be one of the most common cosmetics products that you will use, It is necessary while you do the makeup. There are many different types of foundation on the market. How can you select the most suitable foundation for yourself?


What foundation is for?

  • For hydration and Moisturizing

There are moisturizing ingredients like Jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, extract pure plant essence included in the foundations, so you will feel your face are hydrated when applying foundation. And the silicones in it also helps your skin to absorb moisture content from air so as to achieve better Moisturizing effect.

  • Oil Control

If your skin is oily, applying light weighted foundation can help absorb oil from face and keep your face burdening from oil.

  • Firming and anti-aging

Foundation with magical function not only can help you shape the face but also cover the dull and rough skin. It is because there are expensive useful ingredients like collagen, and Hexapeptide-11 which are good for firming and anti-aging.

  • Whitening and Brightening

It is known to everyone that foundation can whiten and brighten the skin, which is because foundation contains whitening ingredients to prevent melanin from forming, concealing and making the skin flawless at the same time.

  • sun proof and isolating pollutant

It is unavoidable that your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays and pollutant from air. Unresistant natural factors like this can be isolated by foundation.

Warm tips: if you need to stay outside and be exposed to the sun for a long time, then you must wear sunblock that offers high SPF.

Whitening and Brightening.

Except the isolating function, there are many shades like nude, pearl white, purple for foundations. Some people mistakenly consider foundations are the same when applying it on the face no matter what shades it is, others even think that cosmetics company launch different shades just to make it more attractive.

Actually, there are great difference between foundation in different shades. You need to choose shades according to your skin tone to utilize the best outcome. So it is suggested that it is better to choose foundation shades according to your requirements so that you can create a flawless makeup.

Anti-radiation and anti-aging

Have you calculated how many hours you need to spend in being in front of the TV or computer in a day? You will gradually find your skin become dry and dull, freckle appearing, even Crow’s feet on the eye corner.

All of these are caused by artificial lighting or radiation coming from the monitor, which leads to dehydration and skin aging. When using computer, our skin are under a rather dirty environment, wearing foundation can reduce the harm from dust.

There are abundant Anti-Oxidant factors and high concentration of nutrition factors included in most of the products, like green tea extract, vitamin E etc, which can effectively prevent skin from aging and form a complete protection.

Anti-radiation and anti-aging

Protection for skin

Woman who loves beauty wears makeup every day, but it might cause many skin problems like dull, mature skin and acne. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use primer before makeup so as to form a good protection and provide a gentle and clean environment for your skin.

As a matter of fact, using primer is one of the most important step to protect your skin.

If you use foundation without primer, it will block up the pores and is easily to cause separation.

When choosing primer, you need to make sure it is hydrophilic, which can keep your makeup long lasting. However, don’t take it for granted that primer is everything, skin will suffer from damage if you don’t remove your makeup carefully.

Protection for skin

Difference between primer and foundation

Nowadays, many women are big fans of primer but they barely know what primer is for. Speaking of primer, we have to start from its origin from domestically.

Primer, this kind of products, was launched by Pond’s at the beginning, its promotion slogan is ‘isolate UV, isolate dirty air, isolate makeup, which also gradually become the slogan for primer produced by other companies, and at the end, it become the functions most consumers consider to be.

Still, the so called primer at that time actually is a sunblock with low SPF, but it becomes popular out of expectation when cosmetics companies advertise it to be primer. That is the reason why we have primer now.

The difference between foundation and primer is that primer do has UV proof function, and sun-proof is its essence. The ingredients in primer for sun proof is same to the sunblock. Usually, we have chemical sunblock and physical sunblock. Chemical sunblock turns harmful UV into harmless by lengthening wavelength while physical sunblock blocks UV by refraction.

computer radiation proof is also one of the selling point for primer nowadays, but it is not easy to achieve this outcome.

Computer radiation belongs to low-frequency radiation with about 6.5cm wavelength but foundation and primer mainly focus on UV with 0.01-0.40 micrometer wavelength.

It is obvious that primer is useless to computer radiation. Except for harmful radiation to the human body, computer screen absorbs plenty of dirt from air through electrostatic effect.

When using the computer, we kind of put ourselves in a rather dirty environment.

As to block dirt, normal emulsion or lotion can do the work. Therefore, to those who always need to use computer, primer is unnecessary, instead, it is better that you can wash your face with water after you use the computer.

Primer is used after face cleaning and before makeup so as to protect your skin being harmful by the makeup and contaminated. It is vital to use primer before makeup.

Foundation is to make your skin look smooth and delicate.  You can directly use powder of loose powder if there are no freckles or pimples on your face in case your makeup looks too heavy.

Primer, compared with foundation, is a kind of skincare products to be used isolate UV, makeup and radiation while foundation, is kind of cosmetics product, it should be used after primer to conceal and change the skin tone.

All in all, no matter it is primer or foundation, you have to choose it according to your need.

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