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How to Apply Blush

Blush is one of the decoration you can’t miss during the process to get attractive makeup.

However, we need to be very careful when we apply blush because either it is a perfect job or it will be a disaster to ruin the whole makeup. Here are some useful information and tips for blush, hope you can benefit from it.


Find the right place

Central place for blush is not the same for different face shape, and reasonable positioning is the first step to apply blush. Using cosmetics pencil to connect eyebrow top, corner of the eyes and cheek bone, and that is the center of the blush and where the intense shade is.

And there is another way to find the right position: When you smile, the top of the cheek is the center of blush, you just need to apply the blush from the ear to the temple.

Use the brush correctly

Slightly dusting some blush powder from the blush brush so as to avoid deeply coloring and unnatural makeup. You can apply the blush widthways or do the circling.

If your face is long shape, you can do the circling, but if your face is round, better if you can do widthways to adjust the face shape.Then you can press the blush with powder puff so that the blush color can perfectly attach to your skin.

Choose different blush shades

In order to have a better face shape, deep shades color need to be used for wide position. Viewed from the front, if mandibular angle is wider or flush with the cheekbone, you need to cover it with blush in deeper shade, Deep reddish-brown is more suitable for oriental skin shades.

Applying the blush from ears front part to mandible, deep shades above and light shades above, fully spread it till the blush shade match with the color around evenly.

blush shades

For those women who think their face is not delicate enough, makeup artist can create an visually slim face effect with magical blush.

You just need to use the soft blush brush dabbing some blush, subtly spread it to the face, easily to get a sweet style makeup or cool style.

There are two main function for blush: one is to make the face more stereoscopic, the other is make the makeup more healthy and fashionable.

To get a stereoscopic face, all you need to do is applying the blush on the hollow part of the cheekbone, especially for big or round face.

To get a healthy and fashionable makeup, you need to spread the blush from both sides of your nose to your cheek, better if you can try it if you have a round face.

No matter what shape your face is, blush should be applied below the cheekbone and don’t spread it exceeding to half of the cheek.

Blush is for highlighting your face, for decoration to make you look more vigorous.

Oval Face

With a oval face, you need to spread the blush from upper part of the cheekbone, follow the cheekbone line to the central of the face.

Round Face

When you do a makeup for round face, it is better for you to create the face angle by spreading diagonally the blush from cheekbone to the central face.

Square Face

For those girls with square face, you need to apply blush circularly from cheekbone to the nose, adding more softness for face.

Round Face

In order to have a more stereoscopic face, it is suggested that you can apply some contour powder on those narrow and not highlighting place so as to brighten the whole face.

Generally, central forehead, bridge of the nose and the chin are the place for light contour powder. Light contour powder should be matched naturally with the skin color around.

If you want a natural look with blush, the most important thing is to remember less is better. You will ruin the whole makeup for not applying properly.

To get a more stereoscopic face, you should do the makeup matching with your face shape, leaving light and shade.

Without light and shade, it will make you face look flat. For that eastern female without strong facial features have to pay attention to this and take good use of blush and contour to create a stereoscopic outcome.

Take good use of blush in different shades and create the most natural makeup

Compared with different blush shades, single blush shade can give you a vivid look, but when you match with different blush shades, the whole makeup will be more natural and looks more healthy.

The best brush to apply blush is fan shape brush

Since fan shape brush can help you get circle like radian for blush, it is a perfect tool to use.

Test the blush on hand before you apply it on face

The most horrible makeup is the one with much blush, which is also the mistake will made by makeup beginner. You can put some blush on your hands in case you don’t know much you need to apply to get the result you want.

It seems simple and easy to apply blush, however, you need to expertly combine shadow, highlighter and blush so as to make it a good decoration to the face shape.

Some details you should know for blush

Cream blush is receiving great popularity nowadays, but you should know the difference between cream and powder. When applying the cream blush, you should use your finger to spread the blush circularly till the shades gradually end.

  • It is advised that you can shake the blush brush before you applying the blush powder so as to avoid ruining the makeup if you apply to much at the beginning.
  • What if you apply to much at the beginning? No worries, there are still ways to save it. You can use loose power to press the place with the deepest shade and spread it.
  • It is strongly recommended to apply pink shade blush on chin, forehead for a healthier makeup look.

Having a good blush brush is one of the most important step to apply the blush perfectly. Blush brush with angle can help you get stereoscopic face lines for cheeks.

The biggest blush brush can spread the blush evenly and easily. Blush brush with oval bristle tip is suitable for every blush.

Tips for getting a slim face

  • Use foundation in similar shades to your skin tones, make it evenly on your cheek, it will be easier to put color on this way or blush on the face looks dirty.
  • Spreading blush in deep shades circularly on the cheekbone, naturally blend in with foundation.
  • Fully spread the blush from ears to the mandible back and forth. Fully spread till the blush color evenly match with colors around.

Some makeup beginner think it is really difficult to apply the blush at the beginning, either too heavy or too light, they will just skip this part.

But that is not what you should worry about, just try more times, practice makes perfect. In the end, you can not only apply the blush with ease but also create some magical outcome according to the makeup you like.

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