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Single Powder Makeup Brushes ALS-SP

This Single Powder makeup brushes is so so so wonderfully soft that it makes putting on finishing powder a complete breeze! It is very sturdy and easy to use, this makeup air brush is perfect for sweeping on the perfect amount of highlight or setting your under eye concealer with powder. The shape of the bristles even allow you to reach hard angles around the face, like the sides of the nose, under the eyes, or between the eyebrows, even easier to use than your fingers!

Product Features: The wool is soft, With strong powder holding power and natural dyeing.
Baking technology of solid wood brush rod.
Comfortable grip and easy to use.

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Single Powder Makeup Brushes ALS-SP

Brush Material: Bionic Microcrystalline Silk
Brush Rod Material: Painted Wooden Handle


Application Area



Matte Gray

Minimum Order

50 pcs

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Product Dimensions

13.3-17.5 cm

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