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Tips for How to Perfectly Use Lip Liner Pencil

The birth of lip liner pencil

It is said that lip liner pencil was invented by British in 1948.

In the mid-20th century, cosmetics from stage begun to appear in daily life, but lagged behind in technology. Lipsticks at early times is kind of like Lip staining solution nowadays, which can change the color of the lips.

However, it is easy to get faded and off, lip’s outline can’t be clearly showed. Then lip liner pencil came into being. It can not only show the lip outline but also stop the lipsticks getting faded and spreading to some extent.

In 1951, Revlon launched the newest lipstick Indelible Cream, which is smudge-proof lipsticks. Since then, should the lip liner pencil quit the stage?

Why it is passed down till now?

Perhaps it is out of habit, but the main reason should be that it can decorate the lip shape and make it looks better.

At early times, most shades for lipsticks are light, dark shades are not popular. People gradually begun to love rosy lips, they even put glitters on it and tried different bold shades. Then it is necessary to use lip liner pencil to draw the perfect lip shape.

Tips to use the lip liner

Drawing the lip shape is not easy, you need to have concept to make it match with your face.

If you are with thick lips or there is imperfect part of your lips, you need to use foundation or concealer to cover before you use the lip liner pencil.

Try lip liners on hands

It is a key step to draw lines on your hands or on the tissue before you put it on the lips.

Lip liner is mainly ceraceous with hard texture and it needs to be stable in color.

Trying the pencil before you draw it on lips, you can soften the pencil tip and observe whether the size of the lines is proper. Even though the lip liners pencil has been just sharpened, you need to draw on hands to smooth the tips.

Most people miss this little step and feel it is hard to draw, difficult to control, especially when the weather is cold.

Draw the outline then filling

Most people think lip liner pencil is not easy to use mainly because they fail to draw the outline and can’t make it work at one step.

Except for positioning the lip peak, filling the gap can help you decorate the lip shape better. Especially to those who are with thin lips and want to make it look thick, filling can give you a direct outcome of the lips and provide good foundation to the lip color so as to avoid obvious color difference after you apply lipsticks.

However, not many people are aware of that and consider the lip liner pencil is just for drawing the outline.

Different lipstick matching with different lip liner

There are many different textures for lipsticks, some texture can fully cove the lip’s color, other are translucent texture, also matte, glossy, metal etc.

When matching lip liners pencils, you need to take the lipstick texture and its covering power.

Full cover lipsticks are better with lip liners pencil in the same color, while lipsticks in translucent texture need to math a lighter shade or a shade similar to your lip color.

And another tips for you. When applying lipsticks in dark shapes, you can match it with lip liner pencil in lighter shades, on the contrary, when you use lipsticks in light shades, especially nude series lipsticks, you should use lip liner pencil in darker shade, which can make the lip makeup more stereoscopic. Therefore, owning one lip liner pencil is far from enough.

How to choose lip liner

Different from before, shades for lip liner pencil nowadays from ordinary cosmetics brand is not many but professional cosmetics brands launch plenty of lip liner pencil shades to match its lipsticks.

For example, URBAN DECAY, there are 150 shades lipsticks and 50 lip liner pencil shades. There are also matching lip liners pencil shades recommended from lipsticks page, same shades to the lipsticks or similar shades.

And NYX, MAC all launching plenty shades in different textures. Brands like Dior, Lancome and some other brands have several types of best selling lip liner pencils  and popular lipstick shades.

You can absolutely find the lip liner pencil that are proper for you and match with the lipsticks you usually use.

It is suggested that you need to prepare lip liner pencil in three shades for yourself.

Nude Shades

These shades are based on your natural lips color but ruddier shades, which go with everything, especially matching with lipsticks in translucent texture. They won’t cause any uneven coloring problem.

Red Shades

Choose the lip liners shades according to your most proper lipsticks, either darker shades or light shades.

Red shades vary from people in different lip colors. Some people are perfect in relentlessly red, while others need vermilion. Factors like deep shade, light shade, bright shade and dark shades, all of these will affect the choice for lip liners.

It is strongly recommended that you find the red shade lipsticks suitable for you, then choosing the lip liner according to this lipstick shade. If it happens to be matching lip liner with it, you don’t need to waste time in finding it.

Different skin color decide the shades we lipsticks shades wear.

If most shades for your lipsticks are cool shades, better if you can prepare a lip liner pencil in rose red; conversely, if most shades for your lipsticks are warm colors, you are gonna need a lip liner pencil in orange shades.

There are also matte, glossy and glitter, three different textures for lip liner pencil except for the shades difference, you can choose according to your makeup style.

What’s more, it is advised that you can choose lip liner pencil automatic sharpener, and lip brush. You can use the lip brush to apply lip balm at the same time, very hygienic and convenient.

Actually, for those people who are not with perfect lip shape, lip liner pencil can not only draw the outline but also can help you with touching up your makeup.

When you need stay-on lip makeup in some special occasions, the stay-on outcome will be more obvious if you use lip liner pencil to fill the whole lip and apply one coat of vaseline or transparent lip gloss.

Fashion is a circle, nothing is old fashion, it just depends on you how to make it work.

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