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2021 Eyeliner brushes in the global beauty market

The main role of an eyeliner brush is to adjust the makeup after makeup application, and if you can make good use of the eyeliner brush, you can show your eye makeup more perfectly. For how to choose an eyeliner brush, in this article I will solve this problem for you. And eyeliner brush in China to the global makeup market supply also accounts for a large proportion.
The continuous improvement for the living standard of Chinese residents and the formation of cosmetic consumption habits have led to the continuous expansion of the market size of China’s cosmetics industry, which grew from 132.54 billion yuan to 212.81 billion yuan from 2016 to 2020. As the demand from consumers for cosmetics continues to expand, the functions of cosmetics keep refining, and their subdivisions are close to 200 consumer research team species based on the specific functional classification of cosmetics, which can effectively meet the diverse needs of consumers. In the next five years, the market size of the cosmetics industry in China is expected to show a continuous growth trend and to reach RMB 372.37 billion in 2024.

cosmetics market
cosmetics market

In recent years, local brands in mainland China have been focusing on differentiating competition, avoiding direct competition with foreign makeup giants through product positioning, channel promotion, etc., laying the foundation for the rise of domestic makeup brands have gradually risen, at the same time the market share of makeup accounted for by foreign brands has been diluted

1. China eyeliner brushes industry market status

From the perspective of cosmetics consumption regional distribution analysis, eyeliner brush sales are mainly distributed in East China and South China, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong. A large number of cosmetic brands are also distributed in these two regions. The specific reasons are as follows:

There are many first-tier cities in east china and south china with rapid economic development, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Therefore, residents in these cities have higher consumption capacity power and are willing to spend on eyeliner brushes.

The packaging materials and cosmetic OEM markets in East and South China are mature. What’re more cosmetic companies are concentrated in these regions due to the convenience of manufacturing and logistics costs. So the company’s cosmetic factory is also located in this region.

From an analysis for a product, color cosmetics products account for 22.1% of total cosmetics sales, so eyeliner brushes have great potential in the cosmetics market.

There is a huge difference between the price of local cosmetics in China and foreign cosmetics when we analyze the product price. Chinese eyeliner brush price is low, We gain the attention mainly through the strategy of low price and high-cost performance to gain the attention of consumers.

2. Analysis of raw material manufacturing of eyeliner brushes in China

Raw material suppliers are one of the players in the upstream market of the industry chain of China’s eyeliner brush industry, providing the raw materials and material packaging needed for eyeliner brushes and other cosmetic products.

In terms of manufacturing raw materials, our cosmetic products are provided by professional raw material manufacturing factories. The raw materials commonly used in the production and manufacture of cosmetics include fragrances, waxes, softeners, moisturizers, etc. In terms of packaging materials, cosmetic packaging materials are plastic, glass, tubes, dispensers, etc. Eyeliner brush packaging materials are inexpensive. Low price but high-quality packaging can effectively increase the added value of eyeliner brush products and facilitate eyeliner brush product promotion.

3. Eyeliner brush market consumer analysis

From the perspective of consumer groups, consumers who buy eyeliner brushes are mainly aged from 18 to 40. Consumers aged 18-25 accounts for 39.2%, 26-32 years old accounts for 33.6%, and 33-40 years old account for 17.1%. Other age groups accounted for about 10.1% of the consumers. post-90s and post-00s young consumers have a high contribution to the eyeliner brush market. In addition, consumers are mainly female consumers, with 95% of female consumers and 5% of male consumers.

high contribution to the eyeliner brush market
high contribution to the eyeliner brush market

4. China eyeliner brush market industry scale

With the continuous improvement of the living standard of the population and the formation of cosmetic consumption habits, the market size of the cosmetics industry is expanding, and the market size of the cosmetics industry in China from 2016-2020 is from 132.54 billion yuan 212.81 billion yuan. The eyeliner brush market is mainly driven by the following two factors: (1) the growing traffic of cosmetics-related Internet topics in an era of increasing attention to appearance. The gradual rise of the various selfie-and live-streaming software, coupled with the Netflix effect, has inspired a herd mentality among consumers to purchase popular products, raising the market attention of eyeliner brush products. (2) As the global workplace environment becomes increasingly international, grooming in the workplace has become part of daily etiquette. Consumers are buying and using cosmetics more frequently, and the demand for eyeliner brushes continues to expand.

We will introduce the specific knowledge about eyeliner brushes to you in the next section. The eyeliner brush is usually used for cream or liquid eyeliner products, suitable for dotting around the eyes of the highlighting area so that the eyes are more convex so that look more charming. Commonly used eyeliner brushes are mink hair eyeliner brush, nylon eyeliner brush, and horsehair eyeliner brush. First of all, eyeliner brushes are divided into the following categories.

(1) Mink hair eyeliner brush: good polymerization, elasticity, and durability, fine and elastic hair peak, commonly used for teaching and professional makeup.

(2) Nylon eyeliner brush: better polymerization and elasticity, but the tip of the hair will be bent after being used for a longer period and can be used for teaching and professional makeup.

(3) Horsehair eyeliner brush: Less polymerization and elasticity, not highly recommended.

The actual use of eyeliner brushes in the makeup process is divided into the following two methods.

Wet use

Wet the brush and draw an “X” on the eyeshadow palette with the tip of the brush to get the right amount of eyeshadow powder. Dab the brush at the base of the eyelashes and draw from the inner to the outer edge of the eye.

Dry application

Dip the tip of the brush into the eyeshadow powder and shake off excess powder. Dab the brush at the base of the eyelashes and draw from the inside to the outside of the eye.

eyeliner brushes

How should I clean the eyeliner brush?

Because eyeliner brushes are mostly cream products, they are more difficult to clean than eyeshadow brushes, blush brushes, and powder brushes, which use powder products. And if we don’t clean will affect the direction of the bristles and hair quality, so better if we can clean the brushes after use. Cleaning methods are mainly divided into the following two kinds.

Professional version

What you need to prepare is a makeup brush cleaner, generally speaking, well-known beauty brands will launch makeup brush cleaners with eye makeup products at the same time. The method is to drop the cleaner on a makeup sponge and brush the brush back and forth repeatedly until the color is not brushed. It is important to note that the cleaner does not require a second rinse with water, so after cleaning, just pinch the bristles with a clean paper towel to control the moisture and put it away.

Popular version

The method is the same. But considering that most people will not buy quality makeup brushes but ordinary brushes, so they will not spend money to buy cleaning agents, then provide an alternative to cleaning agents, people who draw eye makeup should have. That is eye makeup remover oil/liquid. Follow the steps above to clean, and finally rinse well with water. Then use a paper towel to control the water and put it in a dark and ventilated place to dry.

There are several shapes of eyeliner brushes available for purchase, and you can choose a different eyeliner brush according to your different needs in the makeup process. They are mainly divided into the following categories.

Fine eyeliner brush

This type of eyeliner brush is especially common. The reason why this brush is so popular is that it is the most versatile and can be used to draw very fine lines, and it is also very convenient for drawing inner eyeliner. After using other eyeliner brushes to draw the basic eyeliner, you usually use a fine eyeliner brush to finish off your eyeliner. Most people also like Using this brush when dabbing eyeliner colors. However, there are two types of people that I don’t think this brush is suitable for: one is new to makeup, because it is not stable enough to draw lines. The second category is lazy people because this brush needs to be washed after each use, otherwise, it will become triangular after dipping into the eyeliner cream and easily poke pain in the eyes the next day.

Flathead / angled eyeliner brush

The professional name of this eyeliner brush is Eye Define Brush, Especially used to draw lines like cat eye makeup eyeliner. Just use this eyeliner brush a little, set the angle after, and the front of the eyeliner connected up. This brush is particularly stable, so it is also very suitable for beginners to use. And you don’t have to wash it after each use, because it is the same shape after the next day, so you can draw eyeliner, as usual,  it is suitable for lazy people. But the downside is that the lines that come out are not too fine.

Brush eyeliner brush

This eyeliner brush is suitable for dabbing eyeliner liquid. However the makeup hand has to be very steady, otherwise, the lines will not come out smoothly. No matter what kind of eyeliner brush, after you dip the eyeliner product, you must smooth it in your hand before putting it on your eyes, otherwise some clumps will make the eyeliner smudge. After drawing the eyeliner, it is recommended that you use a mascara brush to brush away the eyeliner products on the eyelashes, or is also easy to stain the lower eyelids and become panda eyes.

eyeliner brush

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