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9 Tips To Find The Best Eyeliner

1. what eye makeup style you’re going for?

You need to spend some time thinking about what kind of eye makeup look you are looking forward to having before you start looking for eyeliner products from the best brands. Are you targeting something casual and normal, or gorgeous and a bold visual statement? Your intent should be kept in your mind when you are choosing your eyeliner products. You not only need to think about how it looks, but also what that particular color, shade, or technique conveys. Knowing what you are looking for before you make a move is just like knowing your direction when you sail.

2. what size your eyes are

Better if you can make an objective analysis when it comes to choosing cosmetics, as it gives you a general idea of what traits should be emphasized or evened out. There are several dimensions you need to consider for the right type and style. The most important of these factors are the shape and size of your eyes. Some traits relate to the type of eyeliner, while others will have an obvious effect on the way you put it on.

You can get a grasp of your eyes’ relative size, then judge them in rough proportion to your other facial features, such as the nose or eyebrow. Or you can listen to opinions from your families or your friends, they might give you an objective view.
If you have smaller eyes and tend to brighten your eyes, you should apply light shades and only use dark liner on the outer corners of your eyes.
If you have big eyes and you are after to emphasize that fact, you should hug the upper contour of your eye with a dark line.

3. Knowing exactly the shape of your eyes.

If you are feeling hard to figure out what shape of your eyes are, whether they are round, or thinner almond eyes, check to see if you can see visible whites above or below your iris whilst assuming a normal facial expression. If you can, you have relatively round eyes. If you don’t, they’re considered almond eyes. Very simpler, right? We are not saying which shape is better, they do favor different cosmetic approaches.
Strongly favor makeup is more suitable for almond eyes, cause it can highlight and emphasize their distinctive shape, so lining the top and bottom contours of your eyes is strongly recommended if your eyes are an almond shape.
If your eyes are rounder, you should try adding length by adding liner wings or creating ‘cat’s eye‘ makeup and ‘fox’s eye’ makeup.

4. Knowing the color of your eyes.

Well, the color of your eyes really matters cause it affects you a lot. If you want to make the eyeliner makeup standout, you can choose the color contrast to your eyes color. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a certain shade of eyeliner; having a rudimentary knowledge of the way colors intermingle will help you figure out what liner will look best on you.

Suppose that you have brown eyes, a lighter shade of brown eyeliner will help you to emphasize the lighter shades in your eyes.
Blue eyes combine well with gold and rusty-colored eyeliners.
While green eyes make a perfect match with reddish tones.
If you’re feeling creative, you can change your eyes color by applying different-colored contact lenses or you can try to mix the eyeliner shade to be more creative.

5. Trying different eyeliner product to get a desired look.

After buying a set of makeup and eyeliner products, you can experience each one in front of the mirror and decide how you’d like to use it to decorate your eyes. Generally speaking, you want to balance out your features as much as possible, and exercise moderation in highlighting features that are already prominent.

6. Rules for eye makeup: go thick for the bold occasions, and light for the casual. 

An essential part to get hang of makeup is knowing which looks work for certain situations. You wouldn’t want to dress a T-shirt and jeans to the red carpet and the same works vice versa. Generally speaking, you should draw on your liner thicker for more glamorous or exciting situations. Likewise, you should keep it light and subtle for stay-in occasions.

7. Add wings to your eyes.

Winged liner adds length and distinction to the contour of your eyes that is the reason why it is a very popular technique. Most importantly and possibly, it is the fact that the winged technique can help you apply to extensively various eye shapes and sizes. While, on the other hand, adding a subtle accent to the outer ends of your eyes is appropriate to every kind of eye, how far you go with it depends on the shape and placement of the eyes.

8. Draw liner on the top and bottom of your eyes.

If you want to pup out your eyes, drawing a thin line along the bottom of your eye to complement the top is a good way to emphasize your eyes’ natural shape. If you have almond eyes, this way is particularly recommended. But if your eyes are in a smaller size, you might want to avoid this technique because the double line will just make them look smaller than they really are.

9. Get some opinion from your friends.

Don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask your friends’ opinions about your eye’s makeup. Try to communicate and share your eyes makeup experience with them cause they might come across the same problems. You can definitely learn a lot from each other.

Now, do you know how to choose the best and the most suitable eyeliner for yourself? And opinions are more appreciated by you!

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