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3 Reasons Why You Need A Contour Brush

Contour brush have many roles in our makeup life, such as shaping contours and adding dimension to our face, adding to the look of our makeup.

Maybe you are still new to makeup accessories and you see a variety of brushes beyond your imagination, you will be overwhelmed by the variety. Don’t panic, there are many sets of basic makeup brushes on the market, including at least blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, and eyebrow brushes, so for those of you who are new to makeup, it can be a convenient choice to buy the basic products that are matched for you.

But if you want to pick a better quality contouring brush to improve the quality of your beautiful life and increase the completeness of your look.

Follow these instructions to pick a contour brush:

1. A good contour brush should be soft and smooth, not easy to fall off, with an easy-to-use grip. When choosing a makeup brush, pay attention to the bristles to be strong and neat.

2. Also use your fingers to hold the bristles and gently comb downwards to see if the brush will shed.

3. Sweep the brush gently on the back of your hand and draw a semicircle to see if the bristles are neatly cut, and the brush surface of a good brush should be naturally flared at this point.

contour brush
Flat powder brush, high-speed photography. Makeup concept.

The first condition for buying makeup brushes is the quality of the bristles. A brush with fine bristles can make the powder adhere to the face more evenly and make the makeup look more natural. Generally speaking, the most common and good-quality makeup brushes are made of goat hair, which has a high degree of softness.

However, there are also those made from weasel hair, mink hair, horsetail hair, etc., which have a superior texture and are prized by makeup artists. However, it is not necessary to stick to animal hair, because different bristles can play different roles in makeup application.

For example, for the popular cream eyeshadow or cream blush, it is advisable to use makeup brushes made of artificial fiber or nylon, whose harder bristles are easier to spread the sticky texture of eyeshadow or blush.

The contour brush has three main roles in our makeup application.

1. Contour brush can modify the contours of the face, making it well-defined and angular.
The contour brush has short, rounded bristles and a flat brush head, which is mainly used to shade the contours of the face, making them more defined. In a basic set of contour brushes, this means an angled contour brush, a highlighting brush, and a round-headed nose-shadow brush. The beveled brush has an angled head and can be used to contour the face, making it more defined and angular.

The highlighting brush is used to highlight and is generally used at the cheekbones, between the eyebrows, and the peak of the lips. The nasal shadow brush is relatively limited, it is used to shape the shadow of the nose, the fine brush head can be more careful than the angled grooming brush.

Woman looking in the mirror and applying foundation or blusher on her face
Woman looking in the mirror and applying foundation or blusher on her face

2. It can add a sense of maturity to your makeup.

The contour brush is about the same size as the blush brush but with a flat head, it is used for shading the face to make the contour lines clearer. The brush with short and rounded bristles is used to brush dark blush and brush under the cheekbones to make the cheekbones tower out, this is only optional, you can use this brush if you want your makeup to look more mature. The beveled brush head is especially suitable for creating a three-dimensional effect on the face, so use it from the temples to the cheekbones.

Young beautiful woman with brush for eyes, makeup beauty portrait
Young beautiful woman with brush for eyes, makeup beauty portrait

3. The contour brush fits the five senses, and one brush can have different effects.

The contour brush has soft bristles, good ductility, and grip. It can also be used as an eye shadow brush.

makeup artist apply makeup brush for eyes. makeup for a young beautiful girl. brown eye shadow. close up
makeup artist apply makeup brush for eyes. makeup for a young beautiful girl. brown eye shadow. close up

When we use the contour brush, we should also focus on cleaning the tool to keep the skin healthy and delicate. Cleaning methods are as follows.

1.Brush smoothly on the tissue after each use to wipe away any residual makeup.

It is best to wash once a week: soak the brush in diluted neutral shampoo and gently push outward with your fingertips in the direction of the bristles until the cosmetic residue is completely washed away, then wash with cold water. After washing, gently absorb excess water with a towel and lay flat to dry. Remember not to press hard as this will distort the brush.

If the brush is made of natural hair, some conditioner can be used in the cleaning to make the hair softer.

Let the brush dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer or put it in the sun, otherwise, it may hurt the material. After the brush is dry, gently rub the brush head with your hand and flick it with your fingers to help it regain its fluffiness.

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